Gun Sculpture’s Goodwill Message To Grace Bushnell Park

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Raise The Caliber!

In 2008, Jessica Mindich began Jewelry for a Cause, LLC, a jewelry company responsible for over $450,000 philanthropic dollars for a wide variety of non-profits. She is also the founder of Raise The Caliber, a National Advocacy Campaign to end illegal gun violence. Central to the Campaign is a tribute sculpture which will be unveiled on September 3rd in Hartford’s Bushnell Park, created by internationally renowned artist Michael Kalish from reclaimed guns to honor victims of illegal gun violence and celebrate raising the caliber of American cities through community collaboration. Mindich is also the Founder of The Caliber Foundation which offers support to victims and families of illegal gun violence in America.

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Introducing the Caliber “D” CUFF! (B/C Detroit is a city of ROCKSTARS!)


20% of the net proceeds fund efforts to end illegal gun violence in the City of Detroit!


The “D” Cuff by Jewelry for a Cause; because Detroit is a city of ROCK STARS!

     The “D” Cuff in Rose Gold

Also available in white gold, 18k and two-tone

20% of the net proceeds to fund our efforts to eliminate illegal gun violence in Detroit, MI        









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20% of the net proceeds benefit the Hartford Police Dept’s efforts to eradicate illegal gun violence

Thoughts from Our Detroit Shred

In a welding shop in Detroit, sits this amazing old car. It is a powerful reminder of the great legacy of Detroit auto manufacturing, a time when jobs were abundant, quality was king and there was pride in America.

Members of our team were there to witness the destruction of illegal guns for the Raise The Caliber™ initiative for Detroit.  Among the hundreds of guns, was a rifle with a bayonet attached to its muzzle. This kind of knife on a rifle is used to stab someone in close combat in wartime. However, the illegal guns that we were destroying were premise guns; guns removed from crime scenes and home raids by the Detroit Police.

The great dichotomy of that beautiful car and this violent weapon in the same place speaks volumes of just how deep the challenges are to raise the caliber of America’s poorest and most violent cities today.

We are so very proud to join forces with the Detroit Police Department and Rock Ventures, LLC to help their tireless and innovative efforts to bring Detroit back to greatness.



Meet Michael Kalish at Eckert Fine Art


Raise The Caliber™ Partner, Michael Kalish will be in Millerton, New York on June 7th at Eckert Fine Art!