Kalish Sculpture, Inc.

Kalish Sculpture, Inc.

“I had the inexplicable thrill of welding a shred of an illegal gun onto the tribute monument being created by the incredible Michael Kalish. Once the piece had cooled, I wrote on it, with a silver sharpie, “Destroyed. Never to Destroy Again” …I was overwhelmed with emotion when I saw what was being created and realized the impact this large scale public art installation will have on so many people who have suffered so much loss.” – Jessica Mindich

Jessica Mindich

Jewelry for a Cause, Founder & CEO

Founder, Raise The Caliber™

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In the beginning, there was Jewelry for a Cause
–a company devoted to the idea that purchasing
jewelry could indeed be guilt-free, even an act of philanthropy. In 2008, Jessica Mindich, a former lawyer and mother of two, came up with a simple concept for a one-of-a-kind company. She would design inexpensive and wearable pieces for schools and charities to sell at a profit for their own fundraising purposes. As the business developed, consumers became increasingly interested in Jessica’s eye-catching designs and begun purchasing them for themselves or as gifts–in these cases, Jessica made a commitment to donate 20 percent of the proceeds from many of
her jewelry lines to the charities of her clients’ choice.
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Raise The Caliber™!

My preteen years were spent as a professional “athoner” —jumpathons, walkathons, readathons, bakeathons, telethons, you name it, I was in! I truly believed that a day spent on roller-skates, covering maybe 6 miles, and raising maybe $45 dollars for any cause would change the world and was the coolest way to spend the day.

There were hundreds of us “athoning” for various causes every weekend. I loved being a part of that positive energy. We even made fun t-shirts to wear while “athoning.” I was raised in a family that embodied the spirit that everyone had the duty to do what they could to help repair the world.  And I had great role models, no video games, and parents who convinced me that I had the power to make a difference.  I never remember feeling that living my life any other way was an option.
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