Raise The Caliber™ by Michael Kalish

Below is a picture of the internationally renown artist, Michael Kalish, kneeling on top of approximately 2000 lbs of shredded illegal guns I proudly bought off the streets by funding voluntary Gun Buyback and Amnesty Programs with proceeds from one of my retail jewelry lines called, The Caliber Collection™.  This picture was taken the day the gun shreds arrived at his studio in L.A. and he emptied the barrels of pieces onto his floor.  His reaction is haunting.  He was so innocent before this moment.  I remember when I felt like that.    

Michael is using them to fabricate Raise The Caliber™, a 30′ high Monument that will be unveiled this summer, for the first time in Hartford, CT.  The Sculpture is powerful, strong, hopeful and inspiring. It is dedicated to the victims of illegal gun violence in America.  It is our hope that the learning and healing that can be achieved using this monument as a catalyst will be incorporated into conversations among family members in homes, within communities and in the school curriculum in various ways.  

The pieces that make up Raise The Caliber™ by Michael Kalish are pieces of illegal guns, Destroyed.  Never To Destroy Again.



Charles Grady

Charles Grady

Advisor of Raise The Caliber™

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Charlie Grady hails from an esteemed law enforcement background*. He is a highly decorated retired Police Detective and FBI Task Force Agent. Grady’s 27 year career in law enforcement focused on violent crime, homicide, drugs, guns, and gang investigations on a Nationwide scope. Grady was the first Senior Investigator appointed by The United States Attorney of the District of CT, specializing in gun violence and illegal trafficking of firearms and narcotics. Continue reading

Amy Smilovic

Tibi, Founder and Designer

Partner, Raise The Caliber™

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Tibi designer and founder, Amy Smilovic, began her career in the fashion industry shortly after moving to Hong Kong in 1997.  Following a successful marketing position at American Express in New York City, Amy relocated to Asia with her husband and began designing a small collection of contemporary dresses. Continue reading

Joseph Jeup

Joesph Jeup, Inc.

Partner, Raise The Caliber™



For more than 20 years, accomplished furniture designer Joseph Jeup has expressed his passion for innovative high-end residential and hospitality design. Joseph’s zeal for both form and function transforms in to luxury furniture that can be experienced at a highly emotional level in everyday life.

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Michael Kalish

Michael Kalish Sculpture, Inc.

Partner, Raise The Caliber™

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Like no other American artist of his time, Michael Kalish is recognized for inventing an entire genre and brand out of a license plate and for creating distinctive iconic sculptures made solely from recycled materials. Over the past 20 years Kalish has been creating work that hang in Galleries and Museums around the Globe in private collections of world leaders, fortune 100 companies, past Presidents, professional athletes and musicians. His unique position as a preeminent arbiter of style and taste has led to features in People Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Details, Wired, ArtNews and the feature of stories on CBS Sunday Morning, CNN, E! MSN, TLC, and most recently the host of Discovery Channel’s – “Final Offer”.
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Jessica Mindich

Jewelry for a Cause, Founder & CEO

Founder, Raise The Caliber™

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In the beginning, there was Jewelry for a Cause
–a company devoted to the idea that purchasing
jewelry could indeed be guilt-free, even an act of philanthropy. In 2008, Jessica Mindich, a former lawyer and mother of two, came up with a simple concept for a one-of-a-kind company. She would design inexpensive and wearable pieces for schools and charities to sell at a profit for their own fundraising purposes. As the business developed, consumers became increasingly interested in Jessica’s eye-catching designs and begun purchasing them for themselves or as gifts–in these cases, Jessica made a commitment to donate 20 percent of the proceeds from many of
her jewelry lines to the charities of her clients’ choice.
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Raise The Caliber™!

My preteen years were spent as a professional “athoner” —jumpathons, walkathons, readathons, bakeathons, telethons, you name it, I was in! I truly believed that a day spent on roller-skates, covering maybe 6 miles, and raising maybe $45 dollars for any cause would change the world and was the coolest way to spend the day.

There were hundreds of us “athoning” for various causes every weekend. I loved being a part of that positive energy. We even made fun t-shirts to wear while “athoning.” I was raised in a family that embodied the spirit that everyone had the duty to do what they could to help repair the world.  And I had great role models, no video games, and parents who convinced me that I had the power to make a difference.  I never remember feeling that living my life any other way was an option.
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